The Winery Maso Della Corona offers backpackers and all guests the opportunity to visit and venture into one enodidattico path of its kind. Wine lovers, but they not only have the opportunity to learn more closely the work and the importance of viticulture for the Winery Maso Della Corona, discovering the different growing regions, grape varieties, farming systems and crop care that the screw requires.


A path that includes at the same time so much history. 100 meters from the center of the village of Spiazzi, on the summit of Mount Cimo (954 m asl), comes to life a path (for free open to the public) of the length of two kilometers very easy walking path that surrounds the entire property of the Winery, land conflicts and battles of the First World War (1915-1918), and admiring truly picturesque scenery. With the aid of information boards placed along the route, divided into several stages, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Crown, Bear Valley, Val d'Adige (with its charming "hat of Napoleon"), Monti Lessini, Lake Garda, the Po valley and Monte Baldo.


Along the way you will be able to see up close the rock walls with ammonite fossils, caves of different sizes including the hermit, the bear and the wine made from a powder keg of war, military observers and remains of trenches, but also read up on the discovery of the first human traces on the geology and fauna of the Monte Baldo.


The trail, which offers the opportunity to relax in a picnic area equipped with benches, leading later in the winery vineyards, where you can see more closely the various aspects of the cultivation of the vine, the grape varieties, forms of breeding. Among the vineyards, and with a unique view of Lake Garda, is the business center - winery Maso Della Corona.


Journey time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Open: all year.

Access: Pedestrian.

Car parking: in the town center of Spiazzi.


Wine Path