Educational Wine Path

The Company Path Agricola Maso Crown winds through old existing paths which, joined together, allow you to create a ring around the top of Monte Cimo. In addition to the magnificent views to 360° ranging from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Crown to Vajo Ursa, from the Val d'Adige and the Lessinia to the plains, from Lake Garda to the main chain of Monte Baldo, the path has interesting characters of nature historical, such as old quarries and military works, for the botanical and geological rupicola flora for a chance to admire beautiful fossils in the states of red ammonitici.


  1. Entrance

  2. Educational Panel

  3. Powder Military - Ageing Wine Cellar

  4. Viewpoint

  5. Pic-nic Area

  6. Former Quarry

  7. Educational Panel

  8. Viewpoint

  9. Trench Warfare 1915-18

  10. War staircase 1915-18

  11. Cave

  12. Military Opera - Manufactured 1915-18 War

  13. Educational Panel

  14. Trench Warfare 1915-18

  15. Viewpoint

  16. Cave

  17. Military Opera - Manufactured 1915-18 War

  18. Karst Spring