At an altitude of 954 meters s.l.m., Spiazzi di Monte Baldo in the locality Maso, in a unique of its kind, the Winery Maso Corona cultivates its own vineyards of the varieties Riesling, Sauvignon , Muller Thurgau and Traminer.  


Maso della Corona is also an open window overlooking the Our Lady of the Corona Shrine, a pilgrimage, suspended between heaven and earth, hidden in the heart of the Baldo rocks.  


In a panoramic position with a 360 degree view stretching from Lake Garda to Monte Baldo, from Valdadige to Monti Lessini, the Winery Maso della Corona gives visitors a educational wine path, dedicated to the Mount Cimo territory, strategic place of the First World war with caves and trench walls, military observers, rocks with ammonites plates, and the current vineyard cultivation with production of wines with unique characteristics.